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The primary purpose of the Klamath Yacht Club shall be to further the interests of boating on Upper Klamath Lake, to promote the physical, cultural, and social interest of its members, to establish and maintain a clubhouse and facilities, to improve navigation on Upper Klamath Lake for the use and benefit of its members and the general public. 

KLAMATH YACHT CLUB is located on the shore of Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon’s largest.  Upper Klamath Lake boasts a beautiful mountain setting, but the nearby low hillsides channel the winds for fairly steady sailing conditions. Average wind speeds of 8-15 knots make Upper Klamath Lake a great place to sail and race.  KLAMATH YACHT CLUB is home to keelboats, catamarans, trimarans, Walker Bay dinghies, centerboards, sailboards and powerboats.
The fifty square miles of water offer more than enough sailing room.  From anywhere on the lake, you can fish, watch eagles and pelicans, spend the entire day sailing and return to home port or anchor in a protected bay for overnight camping. The lack of city lights in the upper lake provide for excellent star gazing conditions. 

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About Klamath Yacht Club

Klamath Yacht Club organizes races and activities for members. Upcoming regattas and announcements are posted below. For the monthly view of all scheduled activities, go to our Calendar page: 

Upcoming Regattas

June 8/9 @ Eugene Yacht Club, Living on the Edge, Multihull Regatta
August 3/4 @ Lake Quinault, WA,  Hobie Div 4 PNW Championship,       Aug 31/Sept 1 @ Big Lagoon, CA, Redwood Regatta by Humbolt YC                       
 Sept 4th -6th @ Penticton Yacht Club, Canada, SJ21 North Americans

Multi-vessel Regatta
July 5th - 7th @ Klamath Yacht Club,  Firecracker Regatta. 
Aug 30th - Sept 2nd, Coos Bay Yacht Club, Labor Day Regatta,


Club Open every Wed Evening at 5:30, Fri Evening at 5:30 and on Special Occasions. Menu items subject to change without notice.
May 29 @ 6:20pm, 5th Beer-Can Racing, Burgers
May 31 @ 7:00pm, Ingrid, June, John, Greg - preparing Dinner

June 5 @ 6:20pm, 5th Beer-Can Racing, Food - Burgers
June 7 @ 6:30pm, First Friday Hors d'oeuvre,                                
                                 First Friday Music Venue - Fuzzy Slipper Performing
June 12th @ 6pm, Beer-Can Racing, Food - Burgers
June 15th @ 1pm, Around the Island Race, Wood Fired Pizza to follow
June 18th – 21st @ 10-3pm, Kid Sailing Camp
June 19th @ 6pm, Beer-Can Racing, Food - Burgers
Sat, June 22nd, HalfKlam Overnighter, Rocky Point
June 26th @ 6pm, Beer-Can Racing, Food - Burgers
June 28th – 30th, Adult Sailing July

July 3rd @ 6pm, Beer-Can Racing, Food - Burgers
July 5th – 7th, KYC Firecracker Regatta   
If interested, Contact Us
For monthly events, visit our Calendar
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